There is no telling what will pop up next. This is an album of all the strangeness out there with my best guess at what I am looking at. Any corrections or suggestions are appreciated.

7/28/23 Unknown – iNaturalist didn’t have any suggestions that seemed right. Growing from/beneath an old pine log after a fairly wet month.

orange mushroom growing from pine log

1/21/23 Olive Oysterling Panellus serotinus – I actually planted these three years ago when I built this garden bed. The plug spawn was from Field and Forest. They produced well a year ago, but I decided that I didn’t really like them, so I just mostly let them do their thing. The strange thing is, I thought this particular log was inoculated with shiitake, the oysterling was down at the other end of the bed 30 feet away. I guess that is just the way fungus works!

olive oysterling mushrooms growing on a log

12/8/22 A lone Russula popped up. These are not uncommon, but it seems like the wrong season for this guy.

12/7/22 Amanitas have been showing up here and there. Not sure the exact species, but they are all similar in size to this one and always by themselves.

11/20/22 – Star Earthball Scleroderma polyrhizum Turned this over digging out some weeds. It looked a lot like a potato. The opened fruiting body is a common sight. I had no idea this was how those started. It smelled like a truffle, but the info I have says they cause gastrointestinal distress, so back it goes to the dirt.

11/18/22 – Deer Mushroom Pluteus

11/6/22 – Common Rustgill Gymnopilus penetrans These have been popping up all over. They seem to coincide with year old chipped pine stumps.