2/1/2021 Waning Gibbous Moon | Hi 38 | Lo 33 |Rain 1.06″

Sugar Snap Peas

There is always a little thrill to discover a seed you had planted has germinated and is bringing forth new life. This is especially true in the middle of winter when everything is so dead and lifeless. The peas I planted on New Year’s have finally begun to poke their little green heads up. The mustard and pak choi, already up for 2 or 3 weeks, look fine but they seem to be in some kind of suspended animation, waiting for a little more warmth, a little more sun, a little more – spring, maybe? Definitely not more water, we have had plenty of that, somewhere around 5 inches of precipitation for January. At least it is too cold for the snails and slugs, but I am fearing an explosion come warm weather. I am plotting my counter attack, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy these little gems in the garden and a few others that are basking in the soft fluorescent glow of the attic.

Red Cabbage under the lights in the attic. (The only spot with a South facing window.)

Strawberry – OK, not a really sprout, but I was still happy to see it perking up. Definitely means spring is on the way.